Sunday, February 18 at 1:00pm
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As the air gets chillier, Chabad of Clay County is just warming up with a Tie Dye Chanukah. It’s all the holiday classics—think menorah, dreidel, and donuts—but with a colorful twist. 

Kids will tie dye their own warm winter beanies, glaze some tie dye frosted donuts, and join a rainbow menorah challenge—using Fruit Loops cereal - challenging kids’ creativity and collaboration skills. And a colorful Chanukah video will cover all the holiday themes. 

Warming up the world isn’t easy, but when Jewish holidays are presented in such a fun and exciting way, it makes it that much easier for our kids to get involved. 

So get your fave tie dye look together and head to Chabad of Clay County for a fresh twist on a Chanukah classic. 

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