Friday Night Services

For generations Shabbat has been a time of tranquility, joy, festivity and harmony. Now, take time out with your family and enjoy it with your community.

Join us for a monthly Melodious Friday Night Service. followed by a community Shabbat dinner at chabad.  

Weekly Torah Class and Services

The Weekly Sedra - Shabbos Mornings  10:30am - 11:30am

Join one of our insightful and thought-provoking study groups on the weekly Torah portion. Drawing from the wisdom of the Talmud, Kabbalah and Chassidic Masters, these sessions will focus on the relevance of the Torah’s teaching to our modern lives.

Shabbat Beginner’s Service 11:30 am followed by a light Kiddush

Full Shabbat Services/ Kiddush luncheon

An easy, friendly Shabbat morning service where every Jew is welcome to participate at their own pace and comfort. Followed by a delightful lunch with delicious food, song and l'chaim